Our Factory

In Arezzo, a Tuscany town 50 km far from Florence, the cradle of Renaissance painting, land of ancient traditions and strong inspirations, in 1999, from the twenty years experience of its founder in brushes’ production, the young and dynamic brand “Tintoretto” was born. From the very beginning we based ourselves on the research of quality of raw materials and of the manufacture process, developing over the years a wide range of brushes allowing us to meet any artistic need, which make us the leading company in Italy in the field of fine arts brushes.


Starting from the planning conception of each brush, we make sure to find the best raw materials available on the market, choosing the ideal natural hairs, synthetic fibers, handles and ferrules for our user’s requirements. We take care of every single production and packing stage with the primary aim to make the “Tintoretto” brand synonymous of high quality. Always in searching of new boosts and new ideas, we’re constantly ready to embrace Innovation, although never leaving out the Fine Art traditions in creating a handmade brush.


Made in Italy

The basic principle of our brushes’ quality and competitiveness in the global market is the conciliation between the craft tradition and the innovation of mechanical automation. In the hope of stimulating the industrial research, we urge our raw materials supplier on the research of new and revolutionary synthetic fibers, able to imitate in every property and feature the natural hairs, allowing us, in the next future, to leave the employment of them, working with the maximum respect for the animal kingdom.


The brush is the extension of the artist’s hand, a vehicle of creativity; to fully satisfy the extreme needs of modern artists, we collaborate with masters of Art who, thanks to their precious technical support, help us conceive new ideas to create lines of brushes that possess the most advanced features in every aspect.

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Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 12:30, 13:30 - 17:30


Via G. Saragat, 40
52100 Arezzo (AR)