Alessandro Marrone was born in Switzerland in 1966 and is a sculptor, painter and set designer. From a very young age he began his career as a designer and art master in jewelery and then, as the years progressed, he dedicated himself increasingly to the sole expression of the figurative arts. The artist has created countless works visible in the city of Arezzo: see the sculpture “Caduti dell’Arma dei Carabinieri a Nassiriya” sponsored by the Mecenate Lions Club of Arezzo (2008), “Caduti dell’Arma dei Carabinieri a Nassiriya” (2018) in Foiano della Chiana, “La Chimera del terzo millennio” of Teletruria in Ceciliano (2008), the “Minerva del terzo millennio” (2015) at the new CNA headquarters in Arezzo, “Ali di Carta” Castiglione del Lago in Perugia, etc.
Part of his activity takes place abroad with particular fondness for the Northern United States, where many works are exhibited in private and public collections and in churches. A multifaceted artist and fascinated by the study of new materials, critics call him a “cubofutursurrealist”.



Alessandro, multifaceted and experimental artist, uses our oil & acrylics brushes for his works made with these two techniques, but also our silicon and caoutchouc brushes to shape the modeling clay for his sketches like the Janus Bifrons one.