Aquaflat | 1495

High quality, 100% cruelty free mottler, born from the collaboration with Felice Feltracco. The particular softness of its synthetic fibres and its high water-bearing capacity are excellent characteristics that allow broad brush strokes without the need to continuously load the brush.
Ideal for medium and large watercolours, it is particularly suitable for spreading water or colour in the wet-on-wet technique, respecting the fibres of the paper. It can also be used to create dynamism with graphic brush strokes in dry techniques.
The handle has excellent features: tumbling varnishing to guarantee waterproofness and absolute resistance to cracking, lightness for a controlled and ergonomic grip, and adequate length for a fluid movement in wide strokes. The stainless steel ferrule helps ensure durability and reliability.


Aquaflat mottler, white goat synthetic. Stainless steel ferrule. Aquamarine varnished wooden handle, waterproof.

🍃 100% Cruelty Free.

# 20 40 60
30.0 35.0 42.0
20.0 40.0 60.0

# Size Hair length (in mm) Ferrule width (in mm) Ø Ferrule diameter (in mm)

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