Enzo Forgione has a background in artistic studies, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin in 1983, and he has a lot of experience in applied art and design. In 2006 he devoted himself exclusively to painting. In 2009 he had his first solo art show at the EDP Gallery in Turin, which was followed by constant exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Forgione is a realistic figurative painter who draws inspiration from Nature, his fascination for shapes, colours and Patterns represents a way to capture Uniqueness. He therefore prefers the botanical subjects that he paints mainly in oil – on canvas or paper, and with watercolour. His artistic work is divided into several series ranging from large realistic paintings (sometimes adhering to traditional botanical painting in watercolour, pastels or coloured pencils) to more impromptu ones that leave room for experimentation. In 2013 he was part of the artistic promotion project “Sensazioni Artistiche”, in collaboration with Wikiarte and Giorgio Mondadori Editore, from which a series of catalogues and traveling presentation exhibitions were born (until 2015).
Member of the Society of Botanical Artists until 2020, in 2016 he was awarded the Great Art Award in recognition of his innovative work in the field of Botanical Painting. In 2017 he collaborated with the English magazine Paint & Draw for the publication of workshops and tutorials. In 2020 he won the editorial award of the 2020 Raphael Prize of the Miit Museum in Turin. His works are present in private collections in Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany.



Enzo’s favorite brushes are: for the watercolor the vajo kazan, ferret and also toray. For oil, bronze, gold, fine synthetics and mercury.