Agronomist specialized in Landscape Planning and Environment, born in Mendoza, Argentina. He lives and develops his activities in Buenos Aires since 2007. He starts in the world of drawing and painting in 2010 (self-taught) and through Urban Sketchers in 2012, group to which he currently belongs. He has specialized in the watercolor technique taking classes and workshops, mainly with the Architect Sergio Merayo, in the studio of watercolour Cervera-Merayo in Buenos Aires. Also he was student of Jorge Royan (Argentinian Architect, photographer and drawing artist). He has taken workshops with Masters Nicolas Lopez (from Peru), Igor Sava and Massimiliano Iocco (from Italy). He’s also part of other drawing groups, such as Croquiseros Urbanos of Buenos Aires, of watercolor like IWS (International Watercolor Society) and Argentine Watercolorists society. He has participated and won prizes in exhibitions of drawing and watercolour contests in Buenos Aires, Chile, Italy, Peru, Mexico, USA, Malaysia and Pakistan. He has taught numerous courses and classes in Argentina and Italy (University of Salerno).



Given the large dimensions of his watercolors, to make the most of the filling of vast backgrounds of color, Gonzalo uses large brushes or mottlers with soft hair, composed of very capillary fibers capable of retaining high quantities of well-diluted color. An example is our 1412 Aquasoft series in natural goat hair of the best quality, excellent for creating backgrounds and glazes thanks to its flawless softness.