Jan Min has always loved to draw and paint, since he was a child, and picked up this passion full time the moment he stopped his medical career, in the 2000s. After the academical training, where he tried various techniques both graphical and visual, he restarted with oil painting, which he thoroughly enjoyed until 2007 when he traded it for watercolours, after following several masterclasses.
“Since then I never touched oil brushes anymore! I am driven by the pleasure I find in creating atmospheres and light found in the landscapes, cities and, in particular, in maritime subjects around me. Using different tones and shades, I commit to capture the beauty that inhabits the places I visit, giving them a sensitivity that is doubled by a latent poetry, which I strive with the viewer.”
Since 2015 he is a committee member of IWS Holland, and since 2017 he has become officially a Master in watercolours. He has held many exhibitions all over the world, and won plenty of prizes.



Jan Min is a great lover of our series in Kazan squirrel synthetic of the Feltracco Line. For his watercolors, he uses especially series 1407 and 1408. Furthermore, he often uses our brush series 424 in Kolinsky sable to create the softest and most homogeneous reflections and shades.