Janet Pulcho is a Ukrainian artist from Odessa, known for her huge watercolor paintings. The main theme of her paintings is floral botany. “There is enough ugliness in the world” and she believe that her paintings can bring something beautiful and inspiring into other people’s life. She finished the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture on the faculty of Fine Arts with a master’s degree. She is also a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.



“These 4 brushes stole my heart, especially the 1407 series. I can recommend these brushes to anyone who loves to paint big watercolors, like me. The synthetic fibers of the series 1407 really look like the natural squirrel hair, and I like that these brushes have an extremely thin tip. It is awesome that I can make both a wide line and a thin one with the same brush. Brushes from the 853 series are ideal for detailing, thanks to their elastic synthetic fibers. But a must-have for watercolorists who work on big supports is surely the flat mottler series 1108! With the small size it is even possible to realise the details of a whole picture, and the big sizes are great for backgrounds.”