Javid is an Iranian Master of watercolor excelling in landscape painting. The colors in his pieces are always vibrant and, along the superb use of contrast, lighting and shadows, he manages to recreate the scenes he paints in an evocative and mysterious key.
He won plenty of prizes and his exhibitions were and are held in many Countries all over the world, for example Russia, Albania, Switzerland, China, and many more. He holds workshops as a Watercolor teacher, and he’s also been one of the jurists during the International Watercolor painting competition in Turkey in 2012.



For his watercolors, Javid uses our series 1040, Kolinsky sable mottler, along with our series 1412 Aquasoft, which are perfect for big and smooth washes thanks to the superb capillarity and softness of the hair. For the detail work, he uses series 1407 and 1408 from Feltracco Line, in synthetic Kazan squirrel; the extremely pointy tip is essential to create precise lines. He also uses series 545 in Ferret synthetic flat shape for bold strokes.