Laura Serafini, artist, lives and works in Arezzo. After deepening her knowledge of the various artistic techniques by attending courses in painting, sculpture and drawing of live nude, from 2005 she began to participate in art exhibitions, competitions, national and international awards, obtaining important prizes. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany and Bulgaria. With a constantly evolving figurative style, she embarks on an artistic journey that over the years has led to a personal reflection on the construction of identity: painful, contradictory, surprising path to self-discovery, intricate weave of thin threads that bind body and soul.



Laura uses a particular technique that involves the use of different types of colors, for this reason the range of Tintoretto products that she uses to complete one of her works is very varied: for the parts in Indian ink and watercolor, she uses both synthetic fibers such as Mongoose and Gold synthetics with a short handle, and natural hair like that of the Kolinsky sable and the Kazan squirrel; for oil and acrylic interventions, she prefers the sable and the Gold synthetic with long handle, as well as the short-handled Plum synthetic for details and for their finishing.