Lucia Aresi was born in Rivolta D’Adda (CR) on 11/04/1969; she currently lives in Manerbio (BS). Lucia has always loved to draw, since she was a child. During her adolescence, however, she spent a long period without painting, thus starting her artistic career again with a drawing course where she discovered her passion for watercolor. Here begins the experimentation, which continues today, of the various types of this technique. Lucia follows her instinct a lot, painting the things in which she finds herself: fusions, bright colors and promoting lightness, transparency and cleanliness. She prefers portraits, flowers and natural landscapes.



Lucia uses synthetic Gold mottler of the 1450 series for her watercolors, perfect for the realization of funds with water-based colors thanks to the very thin fibers of which it is composed. She also uses the synthetic Toray of Japanese origin, used above all for the brushstrokes’ softness, and the Kazan squirrel synthetic in the short-handle version, excellent and appreciated by every watercolorist for its extreme capillarity.