Magdalena Wozniak-Melissourgarki was born in Warsaw, but currently lives and works in Greece, specifically in Crete. She studied at the Warsaw School of Art, and is now studying for her second degree in Multimedia Graphics. Her artistic methodology involves different artistic styles such as paintings (pastels, oil, etc.), sculptures, minoan copies of the Archaeological Museum of Crete, illustrations and title pages of books, art installations and animation. She teaches art at primary school, is an honorary member of the Children’s Biennial and judge at the Children’s Art Gallery and president of the commission to the competition in Aegean Arts Festival in Greece. In 2017 she created the cover illustration for a Greek fairytale book, and also deals, through art therapy, with people suffering from mental illnesses. She has held several exhibitions in various parts of the world, including Rome, Zurich and Venice.



Magdalena uses charcoal or soft pastels for her portraits, which she does not draw but paint; for this she uses brushes from the short-handle series, the synthetic Gold and the synthetic Mars, also in the fan-shaped version for the glazes, and with long handle, synthetic Amber and synthetic Mars. Using the brush, the image becomes softer and takes on a natural, more realistic and sweeter appearance, while the more intense lines are made starting from a wet brush. For ceramics painting (copies of the Museum of Crete), she uses a liner brush with long fibers, especially synthetic Bronze and synthetic Gold. These brushes are ideal for painting on ceramics on a lathe, as they retain color and apply the painting gently. Details or calligraphic writings can also be created. For acrylics, she uses the Extra bristle flat short brush with long handle, as it leaves a scratchy trace on the support used.