Marina was born in Monfalcone in the province of Gorizia. She has always practiced oil and watercolor painting. She graduated from the Max Fabiani art school in Gorizia and founded the ceramic cooperative “la Felce”. Later she continued her studies at the International School of Graphics in Venice and opened her own art workshop with which she joined the Regional Consortium for the enhancement of the artistic craftsmanship of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the world. She has participated in international exhibitions in Rome, Paris, Sao Paulo where her works are present in private collections. Her “Melusina” ceramic work was selected by the architect Ugo La Pietra in the competition “the neo-eclectic object” at Abitare il Tempo in Verona with which a collaboration for the “Miramare” project began. Since 2011 she is president of the Cultural Association “La Corte dell’Arte – Spazio Alba Gurtner” where she holds art workshops and specifically that of watercolor followed by many fans of this fascinating technique. She participates in art exhibitions and competitions where her watercolors are selected and awarded. She loves to paint the suggestions that nature offers her, in this very diverse border area, in all its seasons like the landscapes inspired by the Grado lagoon and the Gulf of Trieste. These are among her favorite themes, because she loves the sea, when it becomes turbid at the edge of the sky, a strip of an impalpable and slight darkness, confused, where the game of thrushes in flight creates mysterious figures in the clouds and becomes impetuous when the winds blow in the screech of seagulls. Or immediately across the border, in Slovenia in the Panovec forest and along the Isonzo river with works dedicated to nature, to the physical and soul landscapes that suggest cross-references to the paintings of the great British landscape artists Constable and Turner from which her research started. She works both in oil and in watercolor, but now the works are independent of each other even if one feeds the other. If in watercolor what matters is the immediacy of drawing up color, in oil painting the work of her brushstrokes seems to have to do with a real geological form of painting. For Marina, watercolor is a combination of randomness and surprise, even imprecise, as long as it puts nature and its magical atmosphere back at the center of its creative act.



For her watercolours she uses series 1407 Kazan squirrel synthetic n° 2/0, 2, 4, 8, 12 and series 1408 n° 5/0. For her oil painting series 687 Mercury synthetic n° 18.