Massimiliano Iocco was born in Rome in 1972. “Art is a spiritual, immaterial respite from the hardships of life.” The quote of the painter Fernando Botero fits perfectly for Massimiliano’s feelings and needs. In 2000, when he was almost thirty years old, he approached the world of painting in order to escape the daily monotony and attended a first course of watercolor for beginners. Driven by love for figurative art and watercolor in particular, he decided to enhance his attitude and in the following years he perfected his technique thanks to the continuous comparison with professional watercolors both Italians and foreigners who, like him, are lucky enough to live in Rome, an ideal city for those who love to live for painting. Massimiliano considers watercolor to be not only a pictorial practice but a real therapeutic process; for those who, like him, tend to control every aspect of life, there comes a time when it is necessary to let go. Water can not be controlled, imprisoned; you have to let it go. If you want to get a fresh, powerful watercolor you have to trust water.
Ordinary member of the Cultural Association FABRIANO in ARTE. Since 2016 he is the president of the Cultural Association AQUARELLE ART STUDIO based in Rome.
In recent years he has exhibited regularly in both national and international exhibitions. He has received several awards and recognitions in both Italian and foreign events. He organizes watercolor courses in Rome and workshops in Italy and abroad. His intent is to travel the world to paint and share with people of different nationalities and cultures the love for art and the beauty of life.



Massimiliano has chosen for his watercolors our best tool for the realization of water-based paintings, which is undoubtedly series 1407, brush with a traditional design in synthetic Kazan squirrel. This sensational imitation of the squirrel hair not only offers its own intrinsic characteristics in nature, but even surpasses them, as it stands out on the market for its extremely thin tip, a very high color retention capacity and an excellent elasticity for the return of the thin tip. This special series, designed to meet the needs of professionals, is also 100% Cruelty Free.