“My name is Massimiliano Richiero and I live in Bussoleno, a small town in the Alps of the Susa Valley, in the province of Turin. I was born on 15 September 1985 and my passion has been drawing since I was a child.
I’m a big fan of comics, I used to collect them during primary school, and I enjoyed drawing my favourite characters. My passion for miniatures games started later, at the age of 12, when I bought my first box of Warhammer miniatures from Games Workshop. From that moment on, my passion for the “Fantasy world” intertwined with that for comics. As I went on, I continued to cultivate my predisposition for drawing and art in general: I attended and graduated from the Liceo Artistico specialising in industrial design, and later enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino in the Scenography section.
For some years now, I have specialised in sculpting and painting miniatures. To be precise, I began to differentiate miniature painting from a simple hobby in 2008. I have always dreamed of taking this path, ever since I read on the pages of White Dwarf the reviews of the Golden Demon contest. It was thanks to the Legiopictorum painting forum that I started to take this path seriously. In a short time, I have found many passionate friends and painting masters in this community! Their works encouraged me to improve, and so I began to participate more and more assiduously in competitions.
In just a few years, I was able to meet and compare myself with many of the ‘greats’ of this sector. I have always tried to maintain a personal style in my pieces, giving a lot of importance to ideas and highlighting my strengths without forgetting to try to improve the flaws in my work.
In these 10 years of experience, I have managed to participate and win awards in many national and international exhibitions such as the Golden Demon, Monte San Savino Show and the World Model Expo in 3 different editions. In addition, I am now a regular guest of Lucca Miniatures Island within Lucca Comics and Games, where we exhibit every year some pieces of the collection Mumi Museum of Miniatures of which I am a collaborator.
In addition to sculpting and painting for various companies and collectors around the world, I teach private courses in both painting and sculpture and work as a Concept Artist for some Boardgame projects.”



Tintoretto 450 n1 – n2
“I use this brush mainly for spreading base colours, they are great for making large backgrounds and settings. At the end of their lifespan you can use them for drybrush technique and they are also good for pigment technique. This brush is definitely the most versatile of my favourites.”
Tintoretto 595 n5/0 – n10/0
“In my opinion the best of the range for painting small details. I use it mainly for small textures and micro-details like eyes or final highlights. If well maintained, it keeps its tip for a long time and its softness makes it versatile and usable also for small nuances.”
Tintoretto 270 n2/0
“Its stiffer bristle than the previous ones makes it the best brush for lines, for setting freehand and for painting the various textures of fabrics. The bristle is particularly resistant and the reservoir not too big makes it excellent to use the not too diluted colour or inks in purity.”
Tintoretto Kolinsky 37 n0 – n1 – n2
“The brush par excellence for shading in any scale, its sable bristles are the best for softness and strength. It can also be used effectively for details and some textures. This brush is definitely the must have for every miniature painter; however, it is best saved for fine work.”