Massimo Ciavarella, born in 1973, lives on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in that part of the province of Varese called Costa Fiorita. Through his watercolors, he offers us and allows us to know what his heart desires to express. The story goes like this: “The passion for this technique was born in August 2000 in Tuscany, where the green hills border the lands with warm ocher colors. The strength and timeless beauty of these medieval villages have conquered me, as well as the meeting with “the girl at the atelier” intent to paint those spectacular views. It all started from there… As soon as I got home I bought brushes, colors and I started experimenting. Obviously enthusiasm and passion are not enough! I am a tenacious person and so, to improve the technique and to refine my artistic knowledge, I have entrusted to some teachers, including Roberto Andreoli, Erwin Kastner, Viktoria Prischedko and Valeria De Molli. I am particularly grateful to them because they have helped me to materialize my creativity. My training is not just technical, I think painting without content is not art therefore I have deepened my knowledge in the field of color: thanks to Evelyn Gay I understood the importance and the hidden messages that belong to each color. Color is not just pigment that makes the many reds or greens different, color is transformation, knowledge, movement, feeling, vibration and … madness. I learned to know the true essence of color, to understand its energy. I am proud of this wealth of knowledge because every time I paint I do not treat color as a material, but I reflect on the states of mind that I will be able to transmit, to the emotions that will cause combinations of colors on the sheet. All this comes to me from Aura-Soma. To Evelyn Gay, she who has become a friend and teacher of life, goes my deepest and most sincere thanks.”



Massimo uses above all the Kolinsky sable hair in the short-handle version, renowned for being one of the best in circulation for the watercolor technique thanks to the excellent color retention and softness, and the innovative Kazan squirrel synthetic series 1407, an exclusive conception by Tintoretto, an instrument that embodies all the most suitable characteristics for the use of water-based colors, able to meet the expectations of any watercolorist, even the most demanding one.