Federico Mattera (Merisio) was born in Orbetello on 26th November 1992. Deeply inspired by the works of Caravaggio and other great masters. Painter for about 4 years, after 10 years of stop. He was exposed in many prestigious places around Italy, in cities like Rome, Padua, Milan, Venice and even abroad. Published in several art magazines, including foreign, such as “The Guide Artists. Mine is an art that comes from personal and cultural experience, it takes from the ancient for telling, in the majority of my works, about the human being and his inner world, with a conceptual point of view. It wants to intensify the aesthetic of realism to attract the observer, taking him on a journey inside himself.



For his oil paintings, Merisio uses the best long-handled brushes in ox hair and Kolinsky sable, like series 888, 999 and 980 in Extra ox hair and series 432, 435 e 438 in Super Kolinsky sable.