Self-taught painter. He has always drawn since childhood, experimenting with the rudiments of chiaroscuro and painting. He attended the P. Aldi art school in Grosseto for the first year, but then abandoned it due to family problems. From there and for the next ten years, he abandoned painting due to a lack of stimuli, devoting himself more to music, his job as a leatherworker, meditation and reading.
In the last eight years or so, he met a person who became his reference figure. A person who in recent times was defined by Merisio himself: a mentor, a friend, a brother, a father, that guide who would help him reaching his personal fulfilment.
All of this has forged much of his culture, his capacity for observation and contemplation, his inspirations, an alchemy between philosophy and metaphysics that he often tries to express in his paintings starting in 2019, inspired by Caravaggio’s paintings, copies of which he has made, in the form of a personal study, deriving his painting style and his artistic name. Merisio is dedicated to figurative art, with a realistic and baroque stylistic approach, reinterpreting it in a modern key, but without renouncing its classical charm, with its voluptuousness, drapery and typical harmonic compositions. An author, copyist and portraitist, he also drew inspiration from other great masters, including Buguereau, Gericault and Michelangelo.
A particularly eclectic artist, he doesn’t disdain the comparison with valid contemporary masters whom he appreciates both for their pictorial style and for the subjects or messages he tries to capture in their paintings. This capacity for observation calls on his more restless side to continually question himself as an artist, leading to a rapid development of new ideas and inspirations.



For his oil paintings, Merisio uses the best long-handled brushes in ox hair and Kolinsky sable, like series 888, 999 and 980 in Extra ox hair and series 432, 435 e 438 in Super Kolinsky sable.