Paolo Bruni, alias Pau, is the voice of Negrita, a historic band on the Italian music scene. With an art diploma and studies in architecture, from the beginning of 2020 his creativity also turns to the visual arts: with continuous experimentation, he creates an art collection that quickly meets with the favour of the public and is presented with a first personal exhibition in June 2021 at Palazzo Fodri in Cremona. The artistic journey continues with a second exhibition at Lucca Comics 2021 and through a collaboration with the haute couture fashion house Carlo Pignatelli, which creates two capsule collections inspired by Pau’s drawings.



Tintoretto 450 series size 0 • Round brush, synthetic Bronze. Nickel-plated brass ferrule. Short wooden handle painted blue.
The 450 series is part of a line of brushes with various shapes made with the high quality Japanese Teijin fibres, in order to offer professional level tools to different categories of expert artists, whose performance is centred on the precision of a clean, homogeneous and thin stroke with any type of colour and technique. The size 0 contained in the kit allows maximum precision in the rendering of details, while the short handle facilitates use close to the chosen support.
Tintoretto 457 series size 12 • Flat angular brush, synthetic Bronze. Nickel-plated brass ferrule. Short wooden handle painted blue.
The 457 series, being part of the Bronze synthetic line, has fibres of the highest quality; its flat angular shape and the particular arrangement of the fibres allow a personalised use in any painting technique.
Tintoretto 275 series, size 20 • Flat brush, synthetic Emerald. Nickel-plated brass ferrule. Short wooden handle painted green.
The Emerald fibre of which this brush is composed is characterised by excellent elasticity and return to shape after each brush stroke. Designed primarily for thick oil painting, with strong, textured touches where excellent colour application with pasty colours is also required, the short-handled version becomes the ideal tool for professional painters who require constant vision and control of details from a shorter distance. It can also be used for decorating any support where a clean, elastic brushstroke is required.