Rahul Chakraborty is one such artistic personality who harbours an unrivalled interest in world of watercolours. Courage, passion, talent – Rahul has it all. From co-owning an art company, Jumbish Creations Pvt. Ltd to establishing his own art house, RahulOnkon, he leaves no stone upturned in his humble endeavours. Rahul’s artistic traits were considerably influenced by FabrianoInAcquarello, Italy, of which he has been an active participant, thus representing India globally. This platform is as ingenious and resourceful as it gets, moulding not just the art inside a person, but the person himself. Apart from his paintbrushes and canvases, Rahul cherishes a unique zeal for ethnic food, diverse culture and travel. These leisure pursuits shape his spirit and temperament distinctively. Going by the above said, Rahul is certainly a man who fits the bill – “Simplicity is what transforms a creative person into a true artist.”



Rahul uses Feltracco line brushes, in particular series 1407 and 1408 which, besides guaranteeing maximum precision, are also very versatile. Furthermore, always in Kazan squirrel hair, but in the natural version, he also uses the series 100, and to complete the range, series 334 in Kolinsky sable.