Born in 1947, Reine-Marie Pinchon is a well-known French watercolourist. Graduated in Science, she carries on a career which is a union between art and scientific world.
“My formation grants me a double lecture as an artist and as a landscaper, at different degrees. […] To me, a watercolourist accepts not to dominate the matter but letting the pigments develop and respect the natural light that comes from the paper to play around with its gleams.”
For more than 20 years, Reine-Marie Pinchon has earned participations and prizes at the national and international art exhibitions. Moreover, she is associated with the main art salons in Paris.



Reine-Marie uses the 897 series for her watercolors, an Amber synthetic brush with a short handle; the fibers have a dagger shape, however elongated, so as to allow to play with the thickness of the lines. Specifically designed with the technical support of this formidable watercolorist.