Roberto Zangarelli was born in Rome in 1970. After graduating from the graphic school, he started working as a graphic illustrator in his own advertising studio. His vision of watercolor is based on three basic principles: Atmosphere = the history of the painting, Magic = stimulating curiosity, Risk = forcing the gesture.
Connect the three elements together to obtain that perfect alchemy that arouses positive vibrations in oneself and in the eyes of the observer representing scenes of everyday life. The artist likes to use purely graphic signs that contrast strongly with typical watercolor shades and glazes, paying attention to the use of the right brush in every situation. He personally prepares the colors using powdered pigments to obtain personalized shades that allow him to experiment and discover new frontiers in the world of color, the main feature of his art.
In 2016, together with three watercolor friends, he founded the Aquarelle Art Studio Association to spread and share this wonderful, unpredictable technique, but capable of giving incredible emotions and passions, with artists from all over the world.
In recent years he exhibited permanently in both national and international exhibitions. He has received several prizes and awards in both Italian and foreign events. He organizes watercolor courses in Rome and workshops in Italy and abroad.



For his works, Roberto mainly uses the Feltracco line brushes, especially the 1407 series in Kazan squirrel synthetic.