Ron Stocke is a multi award-winning watercolourist who lives in the Northwest of the United States. He teaches his technique throughout North America and Europe, also conducting demonstrations and lectures on various art instruments in friendly and safe encounters. Ron was also featured on the cover of Watercolour Magazine, though he was also a donator. He is also a member of numerous art circles for watercolor painters for which he is an honored member, including the National Watercolor Society.
Watercolor is an honest, stimulating and ever new medium. It is one of the first pastimes I have ever had and has enriched my life in every area. Although it is often frustrating for even the most experienced painters, it is invigorating and always a learning experience. Tintoretto brushes are among the finest tools in my bag.” – Ron Stocke



For his watercolors, Ron Stocke uses series 1400 in Blue squirrel hair, prestigious instruments with a traditional design that combine a high color retention with a very thin tip, essential for moving from thick lines or backgrounds to much thinner lines for details.