Born in 1974 in Bussolengo, Serafino grew up in a family of artists with over a century of history and in this environment full of creative stimuli, he found the basis of his training. He soon discovered the love for Art himself, in the broadest sense of the term, through an artistic path where, in addition to the study of figurative arts, he also cultivated interests in music and design. He embarks on a sensory and physical journey that leads him to travel the streets of the world between London, Barcelona, France and the United States. Continuously searching for stylistic experiments and contaminations, the artist explores new territories of expression of his feelings, to which he constantly offers new applications: from interior design to fashion, up to the improvisation of his already famous live performances “between music and color”.



Usually in live performances he uses Chinese bristle brushes, both flat and cat’s tongue and mottlers, like series 2305 – 2370. “They are very resistant brushes, that’s why I find myself in at ease, during live performances I need this type of instrument, because I use the brush as if it was a drummer’s stick, I hit them on the frame and create a rhythmic base for the musicians. It sounds bizarre, but I can play with brushes!”. The result of this way of painting can be seen in the 3 “abstract” works.
When he works in the laboratory, and when he paints works of figurative genre, he always prefers flat, cat’s tongue and, sometimes, even round brushes; he uses in particular the Thin and Emerald synthetic fiber, with long handle. The result of this way of painting can be seen in the 3 “figurative” works.