Extra bristle, size 4

Emerald synthetic, size 14

Emerald synthetic, size 18

Thin synthetic, size 28

“Since when I started practicing watercolour, more than 40 years ago, I’ve been able to test and work with many brushes, of all shapes and fibres. However, it’s been some years, with my daily practice of this technique, that I started dreaming of having the perfect tools ideal for my realist and precise style. Tintoretto has offered me this opportunity. After many tests and prototypes, I succeeded in developing these 4 great watercolour brushes with this brand.”

The Artist

Thierry Duval

“I hope to be a sensitive and precise observer of nature and the city, careful to explain the variations in light. My watercolors of urban scenes restore the historical beauties of Paris or Venice, but also their unusual and mysterious sides.” Graduated from the Superior National School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1982, the artist began his artistic career as a cartoonist in various magazines. Artistic director of several important Parisian advertising agencies, he is still an artist known for his realistic and poetic watercolors. Awarded at the 11th biennial of the Belgium Watercolor Fair. First prize at the 32nd Salon de Chartres in France. 1st prize of painting at the 32nd Salon of Saint Germain les Corbeil. After several exhibitions in Paris, the artist has exhibited his works in Japan since 2011 with the Suiha-Tokyo Gallery.

Unique, traditional, elegant design.