LetterQuill, size 4

LetterWriter, size 6

LetterStroke, size 8

“LetterQuill and LetterWriter (157 and 159 series) are great for a variety of styles, from cursive to serif. Thanks to the softness of the fibres, it is possible to paint regular or variable brush strokes (by applying pressure) with very soft curves. Perfect for any brushed writing style but also for creating large compound shapes. The LetterStroke (454 series), to be used mainly on paper, is ideal for creating calligraphic lettering, from Capitalis Romanae to many informal alphabets. Excellent study tools for the beginner calligrapher or seasoned letter painter.”

The Artist

Il Letterista

Il Letterista is a small sign shop born for the love of letters. Faithful to our Italian roots, our practice draws from Italian vernacular lettering as well as traditional design and painting methods, resurrecting a long lost profession which still has a lot to offer: the local Sign Painter. We aim to blend our traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary flavor; bringing together hand-painted custom lettering, specialty craftsmanship, brilliant gold leaf and glass.

Precision, flexibility, elegance.