Emerald Synthetic, size 2

Emerald Synthetic, size 6

Bronze Synthetic, size 3

Bronze Synthetic, size 10

“My purely pictorial approach to comic has always led me to use brushes of all kind and measures. Tintoretto gave me from the beginning a sensation of consistency and reliability in both round and flat version. The definition is always perfect, mainly due to the richness of the materials. Knowing that this magic is created just a few kilometers from where I live has made the choice to join the Tintoretto family with my special selection easier.”

The Artist

Simone Bianchi

Italian illustrator and painter with experience as art teacher, Simone Bianchi is known all over the world for his americans comics works. Teacher of the contemporary Comic Art, he stands out for his rich pictorial style full of details. In the USA he has collaborated first with DC Comics and then exclusively for Marvel for more than a decade, creating several books and covers of famous magazines, such as Wolverine, X- Men, Thor, Thanos, Spider-Man e Star Wars.

Exclusive, accurate, distinct.