Siberian Kolinsky sable


Series 31 is an innovative brush in the Fine Arts branch since it was originally born to satisfy the dental sector’s needs: its very thin tip can grant extreme precision in the smallest details thanks to the tiny metallic spheres that are placed in the ferrule; after having wet the hair, through a slight swing of the hand, the vibration caused by the collision between the metallic spheres helps in getting a newly reformed and perfect tip ready for the next use. Made with the finest sable’s hair, they have a high cost. Ideal for high-valued decoration, retouches and restoration.


Super thin tip round brush, Siberian Kolinsky sable hair. Nickel plated brass ferrule with metallic spheres. Short wooden tumbled black handle, waterproof.

# 2 4 6 8
10.0 14.5 18.5 21.5
Ø 2.5 3.7 5.0 5.5

# Size Hair length (in mm) Ferrule width (in mm) Ø Ferrule diameter (in mm)