Kolinsky sable hair, size 6

Blue squirrel hair, size 8

Bronze synthetic, size 3

“Once you begin working with Tintoretto brushes, you understand that you got on a higher level of watercolor painting. Very often working with these brushes I have the feeling that they guess my next steps on what I want to represent. Made with the best materials, they are very smooth and easy to use, and they give a great artistic gesture. I choose these brushes for their quality and big variety!”.

The Artist

Eugen Gorean

Eugeniu Gorean is a young watercolor artist from Moldova. He has exhibited his works throughout the European Union in places such as France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, the U.S.A and Russia. This talented young artist additionally dedicates much time and energy in organising watercolour workshops. Although he is 28 years old, Eugen has managed to win the foreign public with his works, which are full of atmosphere, lyricism and artistry.

Unique, traditional, elegant design.