Bronze synthetic, size 12

Bronze synthetic, size 0

Emerald synthetic, size 20

“I have always been interested in drawing, illustration, architecture and painting, but it was only in 2020, without being able to play music, that I started to give continuity to these passions again after years of neglect. Obviously my creativity needed to escape somewhere, and it has exploded into my own private, personal space. A space that I can control and direct by myself, without external influence.”

The Artist

Paolo Bruni “Pau”

Paolo Bruni, alias Pau, is the voice of Negrita, a historic band on the Italian music scene. With an art diploma and studies in architecture, from the beginning of 2020 his creativity also turns to the visual arts: with continuous experimentation, he creates an art collection that quickly meets with the favour of the public and is presented with a first personal exhibition in June 2021 at Palazzo Fodri in Cremona. The artistic journey continues with a second exhibition at Lucca Comics 2021 and through a collaboration with the haute couture fashion house Carlo Pignatelli, which creates two capsule collections inspired by Pau’s drawings.