Kolinsky sable hair, size 12

Sable synthetic, size 6

Kazan squirrel synthetic, size 2 & 6

Eco-leather pocket case, empty

“I like to express emotions and moods through watercolours. Because of that, both water retention and hair elasticity are important. Tintoretto brushes satisfy both functionality and aesthetic. I always take Tintoretto brushes with me when I go outside for painting.”

The Artist


“Since I was a child, my dream has always been to be a cartoonist. After graduating engineering school as a software developer, I decided to set aside my career and pursue my passion for art and travelling. My first journey lasted for 40 days and brought me in 7 different European Countries; I documented my experience through watercolours and as a result, I published a painting collection book that marked my debut as an artist. Not long after that publication, I printed two other books, “Drawing Jeju” and “Alone, Slowly, Nordic”.
From 2017 onwards, I have the pleasure to be teaching at the Lifelong Education Centre of the Seoul National University of Education, spreading to my students the joy of drawing. Alongside, my works were also exposed in 4 solo exhibitions and multiple group exhibitions.”

Unique, traditional, elegant design.