Plum synthetic, size 10

Aquasynt synthetic, size 14

Aquaflat synthetic, size 40

A new Feltracco set which combines the innovative features of three Aquamarine brushes. The versatility of the Aquaflat 1495 brush, ideal for base water prepping and rich dynamic brushstrokes. The softness of the Aquasynt 1415 brush, ideal for delicately blended brushstrokes. The precision and elasticity of Acquamarina 853, perfect for accurate details and final touches. Accomunated by an accurate study and top quality raw materials, these brushes are indispensable tools for every professional in the watercolor sector. Handcrafted, they are made with tumble painted handles, a special coating that penetrates into the wood rather than covering it, making it resistant to water and unrelated to the classic peeling of the exterior paint, and non-slip to the touch for a firmer grip granting maximum precision.

The Artist

Felice Feltracco

Felice Feltracco, born in Asolo, graduated in Scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. His love for old Masters’ artworks and Nature, in addition to his technical knowledge, has made him a painter of evocative and intensely coloured landscapes. He has published watercolours in children’s stories by Chiara Frugoni, Feltrinelli edition, and in books dedicated to beloved towns: Asolo, Venezia, Bergamo, and Monte Grappa. Much appreciated were his exhibitions related to the publication of books. Some of his works were exhibited at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours in London in 2009.

Unique, traditional, elegant design.