Kolinsky sable hair, size 0

Emerald synthetic, size 2/0

Thin synthetic, size 10/0

Bronze synthetic, size 2

“I’m a big fan of comic books, I used to collect them in primary school and enjoyed drawing my favourite characters. My passion for miniatures games started later, around the age of 12, when I bought my first box of Warhammer miniatures from Games Workshop. From that moment on, my passion for the “fantasy world” intertwined with that for comics. As I went on, I continued to cultivate my predisposition for drawing and art in general: I attended and graduated from the Liceo Artistico specialising in industrial design, and later enrolled at Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino in the Scenography section”.

The Artist

Massimiliano Richiero

Massimiliano Richiero specialises in sculpting and painting miniatures. In these 10 years of experience he has participated in contests and won awards in many national and international exhibitions such as the Golden Demon. Moreover, he is now a regular guest at Lucca Miniatures Island inside Lucca Comics and Games, where he exhibits every year some pieces of the Mumi Museum of Miniatures collection, of which he is a collaborator.

Unique, traditional, elegant design.