Kazan Squirrel Synthetic , size6

Plum Synthetic, size 6

Ferret Synthetic, size 1

“These are the brushes I can’t live without! Starting from the brush from the series 1407 which is a loyal companion for every painting. With his extreme versatility and his precision it allows you both thick and fine brushstroke. The brush from the series 853 is perfect for the watercolorist who love details. His elongated bristles allows gradual and regular color release and controlled and precise brushstroke even for who paint small like me. That’s why I recommend even the brush from the series 542, with a very comfortable handle and very thin tip. It’s the final touch, indispensable to refine the realistic details of an illustration.”

The Artist


Drawing and painting is what I’ve always done as long as I can remember. After a degree and a university far from my real passion, the paper and color attraction started to be overpowering. The comic academy of Pescara gave me the necessary tools to enter to the wonderful world of the illustration and comic. I worked as colorist for the Delcourt publisher of Paris as I developed my path as fantasy watercolorist.

Unique, traditional, elegant design.