Extra ox hair, size 2

Extra ox hair, size 4

Extra ox hair, size 8

Kolinsky sable hair, size 2

“I chose to use the n°8 Extra Ox hair long handle flat brush of 999 series for the layer of color, the hatching and the tapped application. The n°4 is particularly appropriate for medium sized parts, using an angular or tapped application. The n°2 is for details that require precision for the small anatomical parts. The n°2 round brush with Kolinsky sable hair, series 400, is perfect for going over the drawing with diluted color and painting skin folds.”

The Artist

Roberto Ferri

Roberto Ferri, Italian contemporary painter, is considered the Caravaggio of our time. He developed a personal iconography, combining modern topics with ancient style. Many exhibitions made this artist known both national and international level, and the commissions he received went from creating the official portraits of His Holiness Pope Francis to the realization of paintings for important film and TV shows.

Unique, traditional, elegant design.