Sonia Bomben, born in Pordenone in 1978, after her classical studies she graduated in economics at the University of Bologna, a city in which she comes into contact with a young and stimulating artistic environment. She currently lives and works in Pordenone. Her artistic career is populated by multiple experiences and previous sedimentations. Curious experimenter, she used the oil technique at the beginning, preferring a figurative painting that refers mainly to landscapes and portraits dear to her. She then discovered the suggestions of watercolors, a technique that allows a greater immediacy of sign and expression. Her stylistic code has evolved, especially in recent years, towards an intimate and evocative accent, in the constant search for suggestions of lights and shadows of great pathos.



Sonia prefers for her watercolors, soft brushes with capillary fibers that excel in this technique. To make the most out of watercolors, she uses the best quality tools: the 1407 and 1412 series which allow her to be quick and precise thanks to the extreme color retention and homogeneous drafting; she also uses high quality synthetic brushes, such as the Amber synthetic in the chisel variant for the most meticulous lines.