Valeria Kulikova, a self-taught artist, was born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia.
Since childhood, she showed creative inclinations, but under circumstances she could not develop them. Already in adulthood, she decided to satisfy the craving for drawing and realize the dream. Valeria began to practice and study constantly since 2006, and she tries to improve her skills every day from that moment. Now she works in different techniques – watercolor, graphics, oil, soft pastel.
Valeria took part in two international festivals of contemporary art. She is a member of the National Union of Pastelists of Russia since 09.01.2019. Online teacher in Artlife Academy from 2016.



“I began working with Tintoretto brushes not so long ago, but I realized that they become my favorite at once. With them I got on a higher level of watercolor painting. My favourite ones are 1407 Kazan squirrel synthetic. Those brushes allow you to do interesting live effects (they are good for drawing hair, grass, trees…). I also like using Tintoretto’s 450 Bronze synthetic brushes. They are perfect for detailing and doing line work because they have an excellent thin very elastic tip. And I like to use Tintoretto’s 1412 Aquasoft brush. It allows you to cover large areas with one uniform stroke – it’s an indispensable thing in watercolor! I’m happy to have brushes of such great quality and made with the best materials.”