Displays kit with brushes


Made out of wood, our display kits provide a variety of brushes of your choice for many techniques; in bristle or synthetic, the fibers of each brush are protected with a tubular plastic cap that protects their shape and quality.


Wooden display with 426 bristle brushes series 350 and 352.


Wooden display with 486 bristle brushes series 350, 352 and 358.


Wooden display with 282 synthetic brushes series 206 and 208.


Wooden display with 340 synthetic brushes series 206, 208 and 212.


Wooden display with 288 synthetic brushes series 943 and 874.


Wooden display with 352 synthetic brushes series 943, 874 and 846.


Wooden display with 219 synthetic brushes series 707 and 708.


Wooden display with 352 synthetic brushes series 707, 708 and 709.


Wooden display with 288 synthetic brushes series 160 and 161.


Wooden display with 270 synthetic brushes series 160, 161 and 162.


Wooden display with 360 synthetic brushes series 780 – 783 (Neptune synth.), 580 – 583 – 587 (Saturn synth.) and 680 – 683 – 687 (Mercury synth.).

495WK1 and 495WK2

The best-selling brushes of all time collected in a unique white floor furniture display in pickled wood with a rustic soul but with an elegant finishing that fits any environment. An eye-catching selection also created to offer a wide variety of tools, suitable for all the most requested techniques by users, including the best brushes for watercolour, oil and acrylic, fabrics, backgrounds, frescoes and various decoration techniques. From the cheapest and best-selling brushes to the highest quality brushes for demanding masters and painters.

The 495WK1 kit is composed of 780 brushes with a gross list value (excluding VAT) of about 3,200 euros, arranged in 207 spaces and 13 hooks. The dimensions of the cabinet (provided on loan for FREE use) are: height 206, width 72, depth 34 cm.

For those who prefer an ethical choice in full respect of the animal world, we offer the version 495WK2 at the same value, with a selection of 744 brushes made of 100% synthetic fibres, totally Cruelty Free.