Redondo, fibra fina, medida 8

Redondo, fibra fina, medida 6

Redondo, fibra Hurón, medida 8

Redondo, fibra Hurón, medida 4

“In my artistic research, the choice of materials and tools that perform well to obtain the best results is of crucial importance. I speak both of the choice of supports and colours, and above all the paintbrushes. I found great reliability and versatility in Tintoretto brushes, the extensive variety of the range offered allows me to work flawlessly both in oil and watercolour. I chose synthetic Furetto for its good elasticity, ability to resume shape and load colour. Fine synthetic with its soft bristles is ideal for mixing colours and facilitates their fluidity.”

El Artista

Enzo Forgione

Enzo Forgione graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. In 2009, his first solo show in Turin, ‘IconaOrchidea’, kicked off a constant exhibition activity in Italy and abroad. As a member of the Society of Botanical Artists he won the ‘Great Art Award’ in London in 2016 in recognition of his innovative work in the field of Botanical Painting. The botanical subjects of his works are oil paintings – on canvas or paper – and in watercolour.

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